Soft Shades

Looking for enhanced privacy and protection from sunlight, without the harsh dimension of more structure window treatments? Soft shades are a great way to add cozy elegance to the home, in a wide variety of materials, styles, sizes and colors. 

Cordless Lift options are available in most styles.

Honeycomb Soft Shades

Honeycomb shades offer homeowners a unique and affordable window treatment option. The folded accordion style adds a dynamic dimension to your home's interior design when extended down. Should you want to let the light in, simply raise up the shades - it folds neatly in a classic look to allow for maximum visibility. You can select a variety of sizes and styles - from sheer to light filtering, or even black out. As well, honeycomb shades can also be controlled from the top-down / bottom-up, a perfect option for the bathroom or bedroom, where you may want to maintain privacy, while still allowing for some natural light. Looking for maximum functionality? This shade works very well with the cordless feature, or opt for motorized honeycomb shades to control your window treatment easily.

Roman Soft Shades

Roman shades are the perfect way to add drama and flair to any room in the home. You can choose from a variety of fold options, such as balloon style, relaxed, cascading, tear drop and more. Roman soft shades also offer maximum customization - virtually any fabric is a great option, and it's possible to add further insulating elements to enhance energy efficiency.

Sheer Soft Shades

Looking for the best option to filter natural light? Sheer shades offer homeowners the perfect combination of classic functionality and privacy, while simultaneously adding the perfect amount of natural light into the home. You can let sheer shades stand on their own, or pair with another window treatment for a dramatic, tailored look.


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