Love the idea of classic elegance? Plantation shutters offer homeowners a timeless look in a variety of materials to protect the home against harsh sunlight on hot summer days, but also provide ample airflow and visibility when the weather is more pleasant. Enjoy enhanced insulation on those cold winter evenings, too! They are also some of the most popular options for window treatments in the Northeast!


Plantation shutters give your interiors a timeless elegance in a plentiful selection of materials, shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose from a variety of blade sizes, that are able to easily open and close to allow for the flow of natural light, air and visibility. You can also add special elements like automatic or motorized control. We're proud to offer customers both wood and composite shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Our wood plantation shutters are made from the highest quality natural material, harvested and purchased in a sustainable way. We offer this classic window treatment option in a selection of stains and sizes, with the possibility also to completely customize with paint. Wood plantation shutters offer excellent insulation, come in a variety of sizes and are the perfect way to add durable elegance to your home.

Plantation Shutters

Composite plantation shutters feature a similar look to wood with some distinct benefits, especially in terms of durability. Composite shutters can easily stand up to high humidity, perfect for spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom. They also won't warp or crack after long hours in hot sunlight. You can choose from a large selection of styles, sizes and colors, to customize this low-maintenance window treatment to be perfect for you and your home.


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