Window shades are an excellent option for homeowners looking to completely customize their window treatment. You can choose from a huge selection materials - such as fabric, wood (and bamboo!) or a composite material for added durability. 

Cordless Lift options are available in most styles.

Roller Shades

Roller window shades are an incredibly popular window treatment option, offering home owners a clean and classic look for an affordable price. You can choose from a huge selection of colors and sizes, perfect for filtering light and adding aesthetic appeal to your interior. Roller blinds are incredibly practical and versatile - you can use them as a stand alone window treatment, or in combination with stunning drapery. Choose from a large variety of fabrics and textures, to completely customize your space.


Solar window shades are quickly growing market and a great option for homeowners looking to block out harsh rays, minimizing cooling costs during hot summer months and thus saving money on monthly utility bills. But don't think that function means boring - solar shades come in a large variety of styles as well as openness levels (the measurement of how dark and opaque the material is). Solar shades are customizable to many window sizes and can also be installed outside!


Bamboo window shades offer an eco-friendly, sustainable option for window treatment. They offer a similar look to traditional wood shades, and are available in a number of shades and styles. You can even combine bamboo shades with blackout shades for the ultimate light control.


Soft shades are a great way to completely bring your space together. Opt for fabric options that perfectly blend with your upholstery, or perhaps a contrasting color that truly makes a statement. Soft shades come in honeycomb, accordion and pleated style, and more.


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